4C Kids Elementary - Star Voyager - May 24th

Sunday – May 24th - 4C Kids – Elementary

Hey everyone! It's our last week of our series, Star Voyager. In this series we have gone on a voyage through outer space, and we've learned about our true identities as we discovered exactly who God says we are. We're so glad you've joined us for our last week!


Before we get into the lesson how about some Worship, because everyone knows that worship is the best? Worship is a great time to get up, dance, sing, and have fun for Jesus. So Kids, stand up get ready for some worship, and teach your parents some of our dances!

Note: For maximum fun/energy put on TV and boost up the sound!

Shake - Mercy Me

Joy - For King and Country

Bible Lesson:

We hope you guys had a blast worshipping Jesus! Now it's time for us to voyage through outer space. This week we will learn about how we were made for a Purpose! In our story today, we're going to look at the story of Jeremiah. Check out this week's Bible Story from Daniel 6.

Bible Lesson Follow Up:

Wow what an incredible story of how we were made for a purpose. Jeremiah was made for a purpose and so were each of us! Today's need to know is:

I am made for a purpose

Great Job, let’s ask a few questions now to make sure we are in ship shape!

- Was Jeremiah a prophet or a puppet?

- Did God promise Jeremiah a popsicle or did he promise him he would be with him?

- Do you think we have a purpose too?


Alright Astronauts, this morning as you were learning, we've ran into an asteroid field and we could use your help to get us through it! So everybody stand up, and let's get through this together! At the very end shout our Need to Know!

I am Victorious!

Mom/Dad make sure you record the video, Post it on social media and tag 4C Kids, and your kid will be entered to win a prize when we come back together.

Craft Time:

In today's craft, we want you to make a puppet of Jeremiah. Jeremiah always told people about God's love and his plans for people. So we want you to make a puppet that can talk and share the love of Jesus just like Jeremiah. It can be a paper bag, a sock, or whatever else you can find!

On the bottom, have mom or dad write your need to know, "I am made for a purpose."

Final Recap:

Take moment to read through their story in Jeremiah 29. Then ask them some questions to see what they learned.

Need to Know:

I am made for a purpose

Finally, sit down together as a family and ask everyone, what our purpose is

Then Pray together.

Sample Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for being with me and thank you for making me for a purpose! I also pray for ____________________________________________. In Jesus name. Amen.

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