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"When you are living in the land the Lord your God is giving you, there might be some poor people living among you.You must not be selfish. You must not refuse to give help to them. You must be willing to share with them. You must lend them whatever they need."

new life mission

New Life Mission is a church and food distribution center in the heart of Hamilton, Ohio.  Four Corners sends a team of volunteers once a month to serve and partner with this ministry.



We have partnered up with a local organization called 

The Healing Center. This is a ministry that offers practical, social, and spiritual support to individuals and families.


Since 2010, we have been partnering with Pastor James John, a local in Kerla, India who manages an orphanage and church planting ministry.  From when the partnership began, we have had the privilege to send over $230,000 to support and fund this growing ministry. We are in the forefront of the gospel being spread into southern India. God’s work has only begun!

India Kids.jpg

cuba ministries

It's an honor to partner with Pastor Jose Santiago and his church planting ministry that consists of 14 churches in the Matanzas and Sancti Spirit provinces within Cuba.  Our trips to Cuba allow us to support and encourage the effort on the ground.

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